Executive Development Program in Kuwaiti Banks in Collaboration with Harvard Business School

2023 – 2024 Program Coming Soon

This program, which has been offered since 2010 in collaboration with Harvard Business School, is the first of its kind at the GCC level. The program aims to develop cadres and executives working in different sectors. Thirteen courses have been organized within this program until March 2022, and 615 participants from different authorities benefited from them.
The program focuses on studying the practical cases for which the school is so well known.

About the Program

The IBS works with Harvard Business School for the fourteenth year in a row to present an executive education program, designed specifically to support the development of senior leaders in the banking and finance sector in the GCC countries given the current challenges,

The program will be provided in person training program this year, 2023 in Kuwait, titled “Strategic Leadership in a Changing World “, consisted of two integrated themes, namely “Financial Markets Strategy” and “Leadership”. It focused on the critical role of leadership and management in formulating and implementing financial, technical and leadership strategies to address the challenges, along with the various management and leadership skills and techniques required for the digital transformation in the financial sector to keep pace with the rapid developments in this field.

The program targets executives such as department heads and their counterparts, and will be held for six days, 11-16 March, 2023.

Upon completion, participants will receive attendance certificates from the Harvard Business School.

This program is a part of Kafa’a initiative, which was launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait in September, 2019.  The programs included in this initiative are sponsored by the Kuwaiti banks and organized and executed by IBS.  This program aims to develop executive leaders and staff in all sectors, including the banking and financial sectors.

The collaboration with Harvard Business School started in 2009 and the first program was presented in 2010.  This program has a significant importance since it is the first specialized program in the GCC area offered by HBS.

The program continues to be held on an annual basis, alternately in one of the GCC countries, this year 2023 will be in Kuwait.

Both Harvard Business School Executive Education and the IBS are keen on continuing their collaboration in the years to come. This collaboration remains the first of its kind at the GCC level.