Cyber Security Leaders Program (CSL)

Cognizant of the rapid technical developments in the field of information security, the Central Bank of Kuwait in cooperation with the Kuwaiti banks have designed a “Cyber Security Leaders” program to prepare specialists in information security in line with the requirements of the financial banking sector. The program consists of a number of courses organized inside the State of Kuwait and abroad in cooperation with an international company specialized in the field of information security.

About the Program

• The training program’s content in the field of information security is designed in line with the requirements of the banking and financial sector in the state of Kuwait.

• The duration of the program is 3 months (inside and outside Kuwait), interspersed with training periods through electronic learning programs, simulations and practical lectures, also the program includes a work project for the trainees at its conclusion.

General Conditions

‪1. The applicant must be Kuwaiti.

2. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of Computing or Information Technology.‪

‪3. Priority is given to applicants whose years of experience do not exceed 5 years.

‪4. Passing personal interviews and any related tests.

5. The ability to travel outside Kuwait without any legal or health obstacles.‪

6. The approval of the employer (if applicable). ‪

Required Documents

‪• A copy of the accredited university degree.

• A copy of the civil ID.‪

• A copy of the nationality certificate.‪

• A recent personal photo.‪

‪• A nomination letter from the employer (if any).

General Provisions

• The program bears the cost of the participant’s return air ticket on economy class to Kuwait, and the accommodation and transportation expenses, in addition to providing one meal per day, and the participant bears any other expenses. This is applicable during the external training period only.

• 20 participants will be selected from the total of applicants after screening the candidacy applications and passing the personal interviews.

• The participant is required to be full-time during the program period.

• Acceptance of candidacy applications does not entail joining the program, as the applicant must pass the tests, interviews and meet admission criteria.