Kuwaiti Graduates Development Program (KGDP)

The Kuwaiti Graduates Development Program (KGDP) forms a bridge between academia, education and the reality of the labor market by pairing theoretical and practical training for about 12 months including local field training in institutions with the highest degree of professionalism to enrich participants’ experience and prepares them to work efficiently and professionally in the areas where they are most needed.


About the Program

The duration of the program is about 12 months during which the graduates acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to start a career in banking. The main components of the program include:

  • Classroom training: Develop an integrated set of basic and specialized skills required for banking.
  • Electronic training: Set of knowledge and skills preparatory or complementary to what the training will cover in the classroom.
  • Local field training: Periods of field training in Kuwaiti banks with the aim of enabling participants to apply the skills acquired in the classroom.
  • External field training: Periods of training in banks and international financial institutions with the aim of becoming familiar with foreign banking practices and gaining international experience.

Lectures are presented in English except for courses that have content that requires the trainer to present in Arabic.

Required Documents

  • Copy of certified academic certificate.
  • Copy of Higher Education Accreditation (for private universities only).
  • Copy of transcript.
  • Copy of civil ID. ‪
  • Copy of nationality certificate.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The applicant must be a Kuwaiti national.
  2. The applicant must hold a recognized university qualification. Priority is given to the following subjects: finance, economics, accounting and banking majors with an overall average of not less than 3 points from the 4-point system or its equivalent.
  3. Not more than two years should have elapsed from the applicant’s graduation to the date of submitting the application.
  4. The applicant should not be employed by any other sector upon joining the program.
  5. The applicant must consent to join the training and qualifying program for a period of 12 months including field training outside Kuwait.

Acceptance of the employment application does not equate to joining the program. The applicant must meet the standards and pass the tests and personal interviews required for employment and training.