Scholarship Program for Kuwaitis Pursuing a Master's Degree

2024 – 2025 Program Coming Soon

In cooperation the with Kuwaiti banks, the Central Bank of Kuwait offers a “Scholarship Program for Kuwaitis Pursuing a Master’s Degree” for Kuwaiti graduates in collaboration with the best international universities that have the highest degree of professionalism in a way that enriches the participants’ experience and prepares them to work in a highly efficient and professional manner in the areas where they are most needed.

Application Rules

Regulations for the program

Universities list


General Conditions

  1. Must be a Kuwaiti national.
  2. Must not be older than 35 years of age.
  3. Must be an employee in one of the Kuwaiti banks.
  4. Must not be a holder of a master’s degree or any equivalent degree.
  5. Must not have been previously awarded a Master’s degree scholarship by any other authority within the State of Kuwait and approval of the scholarship award shall be in the scholarship’s designated academic year.
  6. Must have obtained a university degree from a university recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in the State of Kuwait, with a grade of not less than 3 points (four-point system) at least, or its equivalent.
  7. Must obtain an unconditional acceptance from an accredited university, according to the latest list developed by the committee for accredited universities.
  8. The required Master’s degree for the applicant must be in one of the following fields: Cyber Security, Financial Technology, Digital Technology, Risk Management.

Required Documents

  • To Whom It May Concern Certificate and transcript for academic qualification.
  • Unconditional acceptance to study at Master’s level from an international university accredited by the Scholarship Program for Kuwaitis Pursuing a Master’s Degree Committee to obtain a master’s degree, and from the Ministry of Higher Education in the state of Kuwait.
  • Completed candidacy application form.
  • The applicant’s CV.
  • A copy of the civil ID.
  • A copy of the nationality certificate.
  •  A copy of the passport.
  • A copy of the birth certificate. ‪
  • 2 recent personal photos, size 4 x 3 cm.

General Provisions

  • Only applications that meet all the requirements will be considered. Acceptance of the application does not entail acceptance for the scholarship program, as the applicant must also pass the personal interviews for the scholarship.


  • The Institute of Banking Studies announces scholarships and receives and sorts applications in accordance with the conditions and requirements set forth in the regulations for the Scholarship Program for Kuwaitis Pursuing a Master’s Degree, in addition to following up on scholarship affairs and applying the stipulated rules and regulations.