Certified Sharia Auditor (CSA)

The Central Bank of Kuwait exercises its supervisory and regulatory role on all banks and financial institutions to ensure the integrity of their transactions and procedures and their compliance with the licenses granted to them. The program of “Certified Sharia Auditor” is addressed to recent graduates and employees of the Sharia Supervisory and Sharia Auditing Departments in Islamic banks and financial institutions. The program aims to introduce the standards, principles, methods, and procedures used in Sharia audit and control.

Required documents

• A copy of the certified academic certificate.

• A copy of the civil ID.

• A recent personal photo. ‪

• A nomination letter from the employer (if any).

Certified Shariah Auditor Brochure

About the Program

This program was prepared after an extensive study of the requirements and functions of Sharia supervision in Islamic banks and financial institutions, and by reference to the basic technical and professional data on which the design of the program was based, represented in the concepts and processes, Sharia standards, and audit mechanisms.

The instructions issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait regarding the governance of Sharia supervision in Islamic Kuwaiti banks have also been taken into consideration, as well as what was stated in the regulations of the Capital Markets Authority regarding the Sharia supervision system for persons authorized to work in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. After passing the required hours of training and exams, the trainee obtains a Certified Sharia Auditor Certificate approved by the Central Bank of Kuwait, the Capital Markets Authority and the Kuwait Center for Islamic Economy, enabling him to work in Sharia supervision and auditing.

The duration of the program is six weeks, with 120 training hours, distributed in three phases. Each phase is followed by an exam.  The student who passes the exams submits a practical case project for Sharia audit, and each case is discussed by specialists in this field.

This certificate is a professional qualification and a prerequisite and mandatory for obtaining an auditor position (internal/external) in the Islamic banking and financial sector in the state of Kuwait. It should be noted that admission to the program is subject to the approval of the program committee, which reviews the applications and their suitability for the program.