Risk Management Leaders Program

The Risk Management Leaders Program is an initiative by the Central Bank of Kuwait in cooperation with Kuwaiti banks and the Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies that aims to develop and qualify national talents working in the risk management field whether in banking or similar sectors, to enhance this vital sector with qualified national cadres to cope with global and local developments in the economic industry in the field of risk management.

About the Program

The content of the training program in the field of risk management has been designed in line with the requirements of the banking and financial sector in the State of Kuwait, in cooperation with international institutions specialized in this field.

The program extends over a period of six non-continuous months divided into four different phases; the fourth phase contains a field training outside Kuwait. It includes specialized training programs, lectures, graduation projects and advanced workshops.

General Conditions

  1. The applicant must be a Kuwaiti citizen.
  2. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of finance, banking, accounting or any similar specialty.
  3. At least five years of working experience.
  4. The nature of his/her work is related to the course of the program in risk management, operations, credit, treasury and similar in nature of tasks.
  5. Passing personal interviews and any prescribed tests in this regard.
  6. The ability to travel outside Kuwait without legal or health obstacles.
  7. The approval of the employer.

Required Documents

• Fill out the electronic nomination form. ‪

‪• Copy of the certified academic certificate.

• Copy of the civil ID. ‪

‪• Copy of the nationality certificate.

‪• Recent personal photo.

‪• Nomination letter from the employer.

General Provisions

  • The program bears the cost of airline tickets for trainees in economy class to leave and return to Kuwait with the provision of accommodation and transportation expenses. The participant bears any other expenses, noting that the external training period is two weeks only.
  • 15 participants will be selected from the total applicants after screening the candidacy applications and passing the exams and personal interviews.
  • The participant is required to allocate time and commit to attend and pass the local and international tests associated with the program during the training period.
  • Acceptance of candidacy applications shall not necessarily mean joining the program, as the applicant must pass the tests, criteria and interviews for admission.