A preface about the initiative

“Kafa’a” is a strategic initiative that aims to build highly qualified national cadres and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop the banking sector and enhance the strength and durability of the national economy in Kuwait by providing it with highly qualified human capital.
The programs of the Kafa’a initiative have been designed according to studies that show the size and nature of the tasks required by the financial and banking sector, to provide the national cadres with the means to enhance their capabilities and knowledge. The addition of more programs and events to the initiative remains a current and ongoing process, governed by the objectives of the initiative, emanating from the general goals of Kuwait Vision for the year 2035.
When developing its plan, the initiative took advantage of the experiences of local banks and the Institute of Banking Studies in the field of training and development over the past years; as a result, the initiative emerged from the Central Bank to unify those efforts and ensure the compatibility of those qualifying programs to achieve the ultimate goal of creating a rank of highly qualified young Kuwaitis in the targeted fields.
Kafa’a programs cover various fields such as banking business, information security, legislative supervision and postgraduate studies in the most prestigious universities in the world. The participants are chosen within a strategic framework that aims to qualify the national competencies in both scientific and practical aspects and provide the various financial sectors with qualified and professional cadres.