Boubyan Bank

Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Shaya

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Investing in human resources

In light of the rapid and successive transformations and developments in today’s world, the importance of human resources is emerging as the main driver of all these transformations, and hence investment in them becomes an urgent necessity imposed by the challenges of success and achievement.
From here comes the importance of the directives of His Highness the Amir of the country, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, on the need to pay attention to Kuwaiti youth and give them greater opportunities to participate in building Kuwait to face the challenges of the future and competition in the world.
We, at Boubyan Bank, pay special attention to our human resources as part of our strategy as a modern bank to keep pace with global and regional developments, especially with the challenges that the banking industry faces. During recent years, we have succeeded in creating many job opportunities for ambitious Kuwaiti youth as a result of the increase in our market share resulting from the developments we have introduced in the banking industry, as well as our creation of new jobs and job opportunities that did not exist before, keeping pace with developments in the banking services sector.
Therefore, we have succeeded, praise be to God, in maintaining the national employment rate during the last five years, which has exceeded 78%, which is one of the highest rates not only at the level of local banks, but also at the level of the Kuwaiti private sector. I would like to point out here also the importance of the Central Bank of Kuwait initiative to develop a set of programs for young people that seek to unleash their creativity and motivate them in order to develop highly qualified national cadres to work in the financial and banking sector in order to achieve further progress for the national economy through these programs, which requires us as banks and Financial institutions to unite our efforts and reach our maximum potential. May God help us all to serve this country.