Gulf Bank

GUlf Bank

Jassim Mustafa Boodai

Chairman of the Board of Directors

National Manpower: The Main Pillar for Enrichment of Banking

Gulf Bank strongly believes that the efficient national manpower serves as the main pillar for the success of the banking sector.
Henceforth, Gulf Bank has exerted relentless efforts towards developing the skills of its employees by investing in upgrading their skills, yet embracing the talented Kuwaiti new graduates, with the aim of developing their skills and solidifying their role in sustaining the strength of the banking system in the country, while fostering its role in the enrichment and sustainability of the national economy, moving forward towards a brighter future of our beloved nation.
In line with this trend, Gulf Bank joins efforts with the Central Bank of Kuwait, aimed at contributing to developing the banking sector, in particular, and the Kuwaiti economy, at large, represented by “Kafaa” Program. The Bank’s efforts in this track are derived from its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program adopted by the Bank, which is reflected in numerous initiatives, which target nurturing the skills and capabilities of the Kuwait youth in this vital sector.
These efforts are ultimately conducive to achieving the socio-economic objectives of the country, while coping with the breakthroughs of the global banking system.